A Guide to the Planning, Organization,
Design & Operation of World Expositions

The Expo Book

The Expo Book

Written by Gordon Linden and Paul Creighton, a pair of seasoned international expo consultants, THE EXPO BOOK addresses all aspects of the complex and rewarding business of creating an outstanding and successful world expo – from seeking registration with the Bureau of International Expositions, to selecting a site and formulating a theme, through all the subsequent planning, financial, operations and development issues including the transition to post-use of the site. THE EXPO BOOK was originally published in six parts over the course of one year (November 2007 to November 2008) in six consecutive issues of the bi-monthly IPM Magazine. The book has recently been revised, incorporating data and information from the Shanghai Expo 2010 and Yeosu Expo 2012.

World’s fairs are the intellectual equivalent of the Olympics

Ted Allan

“World’s fairs are the intellectual equivalent of the Olympics,” said the late Ted Allan, a career diplomat who, before he was named honorary president of the BIE, served as commissioner general to numerous UK pavilions at numerous expos. However, for the process of hosting the Olympic Games, there exists plentiful information, including lengthy final reports replete with budgets and organization charts. There is no similar body of work for the process of hosting and running an expo. Publication of THE EXPO BOOK will, therefore, fill a need.

This book is for the visionaries of today and tomorrow – who need to understand the challenges in order to cultivate the benefits of a world expo. THE EXPO BOOK will help them identify and acquire the information and the qualified people they need to put on a successful and meaningful event with a valuable legacy.” There is a real need for THE EXPO BOOK – for a straightforward business guide that supports their success and continuity. And in addition to its being a vital resource for expo organizers, THE EXPO BOOK will be invaluable to designers, vendors and contractors because it shows them where to look for opportunities.

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