A Guide to the Planning, Organization,
Design & Operation of World Expositions

Book Launch in Shanghai

September 13, 2010 saw the official launch of the Expo Book. A more appropriate place on earth for this event would have been hard to find as it took place at Shanghai’s Expo 2010, the largest Expo in history.

Under the auspices of Crystal CG, official developers and providers of the Virtual Expo, the U.S. Pavilion was the site of the launch which gathered together pavilion directors, architects, exhibit designers and other interested parties. Pascal Deseurre, International Business Development Manager for Crystal CG, host and organizer of the event, introduced Gordon Linden who briefly addressed the audience: “When I set out, many years ago, to write the Expo Book I could never have imagined that I would be in Shanghai making this presentation. We have endeavored, in this book, to provide those who would bid for, design, build, organize and host an International Exposition with insights and experience to enable them to successfully face the many challenges which this extraordinary event involves. Shanghai’s success, and your contributions to it, are testimony to our mutual conviction that Expos are important international forums for culture, education and entertainment and merit our continued support and participation.”

Copies of the book, which contained a commemorative DVD produced by Crystal CG, were distributed to all in attendance.

Arabic Translation

King Saud University, located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through arrangement with the Expo Book, is currently translating the book into the arabic language and will publish it later this year. The University, the first established in the Kingdom in 1957, has a student body of over 40,000 students. Current plans are for the book to be used in academic courses; distribution is planned throughout the arabic-speaking world. Purchase The Expo Book in English. To contact us, email info@TheExpoBook.com