A Guide to the Planning, Organization,
Design & Operation of World Expositions


About The Contributors

Gordon Linden AIA, AICP is an architect and urban and regional planner with an MBA in Management. He is a frequent collaborator with domestic and international organizations on a variety of assignments including master planning of residential and mixed-use developments as well as leisure and recreation destinations. During his career, he has worked on numerous one-time events, including Olympic Games and International Expositions; currently he is an advisor on studies for future Expos.

Expo Book editor Judith Rubin is a prominent editorial voice in the attractions industry and contributing editor to IPM Magazine. She was associate editor/associate publisher of World’s Fair magazine from 1987 to 1995.

Bob Rogers is the Chairman of BRC Imagination Arts-planners, creators and producers of presentations for world expositions, museums, corporate image centers and theme parks around the globe. BRC’s trademarked Scholarship and Showmanship approach has been responsible for ten highly successful world expo and consulting on a half dozen others.

Since it was founded in 1981, BRC has been honored with over 250 international awards for creative excellence, including two Academy Award Nominations and twelve THEA Awards for Outstanding Achievement in themed entertainment, including the 2007 Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The late Urso Chappell was a graphic designer and branding specialist. As a chronicler and advocate of world’s fairs, he founded ExpoMuseum.com in 1998. He was the winner of Expo 2005’s international contest to design the Linimo maglev train exterior and visited eleven expos His contributions and advocacy for Expos will be remembered.