A Guide to the Planning, Organization,
Design & Operation of World Expositions

The Expo Guidelines Book

The Expo Guidelines Book

The book, which builds upon research in The Expo Book and the Expo Master Plan Book and the author’s years of experience acting as Expo advisor and consultant throughout the world, provides Expo Organizers, urban planners and architects, and others interested in this unique form of cultural attraction with the necessary information to undertake the master planning, urban and architectural design, and implementation of contemporary International Expositions. From the sizing and selection of an appropriate site to the programming, planning and design of the various buildings provided by the event Organizers and participants, the Guidelines represents an important resource which has not been readily available to those seeking guidance and information on these subjects requiring interested professionals and laymen alike to scale a steep learning curve, looking at past Expos for insights and lessons learned which, due to the ephemeral nature of these events, are difficult to find and understand.

The book includes narrative material on a variety of key subjects which is illustrated with plans, diagrams, tables, and artists’ renderings along with photographs taken at prior Expos. Case studies have been used to demonstrate major points and prototype designs have been developed to further explain requirements, lessons learned, and recommendations for best practice concepts.

Highlights of the contents of the book include answers to the following questions/challenges:


  • What factors should be considered in pursuing the idea of hosting an Expo in a given locale?
  • How big does an Expo site need to be?
  • What are the main areas within the site to be included and how much area should be devoted to each?
  • What is the optimal configuration of the site?
  • What are the requirements for transportation to access the site; what are the on-site transportation requirements?
  • What are the infrastructure and service requirements?
  • How should the site be organized internally? o What are the legacy opportunities for an Expo site?


  • What is the division of responsibilities between Organizers and participants at an Expo in terms of the buildings and their exterior areas?
  • What buildings are required at an Expo and what role or function does each play in hosting the event?
  • How many and of what size should the various buildings be
  • How should the various buildings be organized on the site?
  • How do the various buildings function internally and externally?
  • What are the legacy considerations for Expo buildings?